What is The Care Package?

The Care Package is a weekly newsletter center the everyday STORIES of Asian American women. It arrives in your inbox every Monday and is best consumed as a treat for getting through your Monday! My hope is for you to feel supported by a community who understands you — no explanations needed.

This newsletter will make you FEEL STUFF but this is not a place for sad stories about Asian American women! Frankly, I believe that sad stories are *too often* the focus in media, and those stories do not represent the full spectrum of our community. Hopefully I can make you laugh , but it’s possible I’m not very funny!

This newsletter will ASK QUESTIONS. I write and encourage submissions interrogating the space between Asian and American. I’m interested in how this duality prompts questions in our relationships, work, dating, life transitions, as well as how we consume books, movies, and media. I am less interested in “on the nose” writing about identity, and more about how it shows up in all other parts of our life.

This newsletter does NOT intend to speak for all Asian American women: I am a millennial living in Brooklyn! I’ll never try to speak for the diversity of our community. We are not a monolith and if you don’t get what I mean, this probably isn’t the place for you!

This newsletter is NOT about the immigrant or diaspora experience: The immigrant and diaspora is not my story to tell (that’s my parents!!). I can recommend excellent newsletters and writers if you’re interested in that!!

What’s in the Care Package?

  • candid essays and stories about life as an Asian American woman in 2021

  • cultural commentary and questions

  • community-sourced recommendations, with a focus on supporting BIPOC folks!

I’ve been writing The Care Package for 2 years, and most of the issues are impossible to find on a publicly available Internet link. You can find a selection of past issues here.

Who’s writing this?

I’m Karen, Co-Founder of The Cosmos (@jointhecosmos), a community for Asian women to care for themselves, their community, and their world. I’m a writer and editor (aspiring, let’s be real) based in Brooklyn.

I was born and raised in South Carolina, where I experienced the vast loneliness and confusion of being Asian American. Today it motivates me to write. I identify as the child of immigrants, but I am working on how much that defines what I think is possible for me. If you see me reading on the subway, please say hi!

Thank you for finding your way here!
Karen from The Cosmos

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